Everything in Microsoft Windows is a window. A button is a window, and a "window" is a window as well. Wouldn't it be nice with a program that allowed you to easily manipulate those windows to fit your needs? You've found it!

Submitted by Emil on Fri, 06/17/2011 - 18:40

Doing some advertisement for a service I recently released:

Today, when you want to subscribe to a calendar, you basically have two options:

  • Add the calendar's url to the list of external calendars in your calendar viewer. You will receive updates, but won't be able to delete events you are not interested in.
  • Take a copy of the calendar and import it in your calendar viewer. You will be able to delete events you are not interested in, but you won't receive any updates. lets you create filters for your imported ical calendar files, which you want to have updates from but hide events you are not interested in. Good example uses are schedules, facebook events, etc.

Slocify for Winamp version 0.3 released

Submitted by Emil on Sun, 04/11/2010 - 16:00

Today, I released the third version of Slocify for Winamp. And we are without doubt heading for a more stable and easier to use experience. New in this version:

  • The ability to seek while paused.
  • Changing volume in Winamp changes the volume in Spotify.
  • The output time is now accurate and doesn't get out of sync.
  • You can now drag and drop albums as well as tracks from Spotify to Winamp. Playlists and artists are still not supported.
  • Various other bug fixes...

You can get it from the Slocify page. I hope you like it!


Update (2008-12-27): Koumes21 wrote a new version using x86 assembler language.

Ever got tired of Windows Live Messenger constantly nagging about how important it is that you protect yourself from viruses? Or do you just want to send the developers of Windows Live OneCare safety scanner to some darker place for their great job with creating the slowest application in cyberspace history?

Anyhow. I got tired this afternoon and came up with this (at least in my opinion) great idea: