Encrypted calendare preserves

Submitted by Emil on Fri, 08/01/2014 - 00:00

I am today releasing a new privacy enhancing feature for icalfilter preserve. It lets you encrypt your calendars with a password, which makes sure that the calendar data and the original calendar URL are protected and those with access to the server (both intentionally granted and possible intruders) won't be able to easily break your privacy. Read more about it here.

icalfilter.com advanced filter management

Submitted by Emil on Sun, 09/01/2013 - 10:58

icalfilter.com has been rewritten to support more custom filters. The old per specific event hiding is still there, but is now accompanied by a new advanced filter management:

icalfilter.com works by matching iCalendar elements with custom rules:

The rules are tested in top-down order for each calendar element. If there is a match, lower rules will not be tested. If the rule is set to show, the element is kept. Otherwise, it is hidden. If there is no match among all the rules, it will also be hidden.

A calendar element gets matched by a rule if:

  • The rule's type filter matches the element's type...
  • ... and for each property filter in the rule, there should be a property in the element that matches it.

The rule's action decides what to do with the matched elements: show or hide.

When writing custom regular expressions, you should use PCRE regex syntax, with / as the delimiter.

To see it in action, create a new filter at icalfilter.com, navigate to its manage page and switch to the advanced management mode. Old filters are of course supported as well, so you don't have to create a new one to use this.

fbfix no longer needed?

Submitted by Emil on Tue, 06/11/2013 - 21:43

It seems that Facebook has corrected their calendar feed. It is at least working for me (Sweden). Please verify if your fbfix calendar is correct or if it is one day ahead on all-day events and if such, please stop using it.

Windows 8, no apps found in store

Submitted by Emil on Tue, 12/18/2012 - 21:18

I just recently started trying Windows 8 out. It is nice, but something I found irritating was that there were so few apps in the store. But when almost all of the good app suggestions I found on the web were not available either I started suspecting something. It turns out that if you are not located in the U.S., you need to uncheck "Make it easier to find apps in my preferred languages" in the store preferences to be able to actually find anything. I don't think that just because it should be easier to find apps in my preferred language, I shouldn't be able to search for apps in other languages?! Please correct this, Microsoft.

Using DISQUS as a commenting system

Submitted by Emil on Wed, 11/07/2012 - 20:58

Comment spam has always been a problem at this site, even though I used the drupal recaptcha module to fight it. Some days ago, it escalated to a point where I couldn't keep up moderating the incoming spam comments. So I started looking at comment systems, and ended up with comparing DISQUS with Livefyre. They seemed quite similar but Livefyre didn't have any Drupal module so I chose DISQUS. Since I installed it, I haven't received a single spam comment.

Chalmrest Lunch Calendar

Submitted by Emil on Wed, 10/17/2012 - 20:35

I study at Chalmers University of Technology and I recently made the lunch menus for the restaurants at Chalmers Restauranger (aka. Chalmrest) available as a calendar file importable to your calendar reader. It updates automatically and displays the lunch menus each day between 1200-1300.

Swedish: http://icalfilter.com/chalmrest.ics
English: http://icalfilter.com/chalmrest.en.ics

I and some friends of mine do find it extremely convenient.

Facebook Exported Upcoming Whole Day Events Wrong

Submitted by Emil on Tue, 07/31/2012 - 22:04

Update (2012-08-02): Visit http://icalfilter.com/fbfix.php and paste the url to get the url for the corrected calendar.

When exporting your Facebook Events feed to webcal/ical/ics, the whole day (no given time) events are one day early. Until Facebook decides to fix this, I have created a proxy script. Just supply it with the same uid and key as in Facebook's version and it will correct these errornous events.

Less prototype-esque

The old clock fell to the floor and the frame broke. The binary clock survived, however, so I took the opportunity to make the integration better. I bought a new analog clock like the old one, took out all the parts like before and then drilled some holes in the dial. This made the installation much more robust and tidier.