Update (2010-04-28): Slocify is no longer needed to mix Spotify tracks and local tracks in the same playlist.

Being able to play my own mp3 files in Spotify is one of the features I want the most. But I am not a Spotify developer and cannot add such a feature to their product. However, I have figured out how to remote control Spotify and am therefore releasing software under the name Slocify (a combination of the words Spotify and local).

Slocify makes playing Spotify tracks from other media players a breeze. It features a simple drag & drop interface where you simply drag tracks from Spotify to your playlist to add them. Slocify does not interfere with Spotify's advertisement system and works with both Spotify Premium and Spotify Free.


Spotify normally pops up when you tell it to play a track. My code that prevents this requires that you do not close or minimize Spotify, just keep it running in the background. This applies for all products in the Slocify family.

This product uses a SPOTIFY API but is not endorsed, certified or otherwise approved in any way by Spotify. Spotify is the registered trade mark of the Spotify Group

Slocify for Winamp

Slocify for Winamp, pre-alpha screenshot
Latest version: 0.3
Download installer
Known issues:

  • Dragging and dropping playlists or artists does not work. You have to use tracks or albums.

Slocify Media Player

Slocify Media Player

Slocify Media Player is where the whole project started - but, as pointed out in this blog post, has been discontinued. However, you can still get it here: Slocify.exe. It is built using the latest .NET technology from Microsoft, and requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile RC to run.

If you like Slocify, please consider donating a small sum to support its continued development.