Submitted by Emil on Fri, 06/17/2011 - 18:40

Doing some advertisement for a service I recently released: icalfilter.com.

Today, when you want to subscribe to a calendar, you basically have two options:

  • Add the calendar's url to the list of external calendars in your calendar viewer. You will receive updates, but won't be able to delete events you are not interested in.
  • Take a copy of the calendar and import it in your calendar viewer. You will be able to delete events you are not interested in, but you won't receive any updates.

icalfilter.com lets you create filters for your imported ical calendar files, which you want to have updates from but hide events you are not interested in. Good example uses are schedules, facebook events, etc.

Anonymous (not verified)

Sun, 08/26/2012 - 10:40

Thanks for your service. icalfilter is working great. So is fbfix.

However, icalfilter/preserve has got two issues.

Firstly, minor point, it can't accept webcal addresses, such as are provided by other services (that's easily remedied by converting them to http://).

Secondly, I have tried entering a number of different calendars using the form online, each time it says they are successfully created, however, the link it gives me to use (an .ics link) goes to Error 404 Not Found each time!

Additionally, some suggestions:

Some ideas from this website, which filters to:
a) fix permissions - ensuring 'private' events are 'public' - otherwise most calendar services won't show them.
b) adds timestamps - which is really useful
c) filters event types (going, not going, not replied, maybe)

- http://events2ical.site90.com/ FAQ: http://www.facebook.com/events2ical/app_7146470109

Also, it might be useful to have a combined service (i.e. preserve, and icalfilter, and the above ideas, in one without having to double/triple filter)..


Sorry about the 404 error. The database had for some reason hung, meaning no new calendars could be added. Should be working now!

I will take your other suggestions into consideration.