Pocket Sudoku

Current version: 1.0 (September 10, 2008) Pocket Sudoku is the definite sudoku application for Pocket PC (Windows Mobile). It can currently generate sudoku puzzles using six different difficuties, solve any valid puzzle, display automatic and manual pencil marks, give you hints when you get stuck, and much more. Of course, it comes free of charge and its source code is completely open!

Android version?

Recently, I've got multiple questions if there will be an Android version of Pocket Sudoku. This is the response I use to give:

"I have myself also switched to Android some years ago and last summer I started writing Pocket Sudoku for Android. However, I don't have much time for this project when I'm not on my holiday, so I can't promise that it will ever hit the Android Market (now known as Google Play). If it's bad weather this summer, though, I might continue developing it."

Would you be interested? Please leave a comment here to let me know!

Pocket Sudoku for Windows 1.0.1 released

The latest version of Pocket Sudoku was released while I was still running Windows XP on my main computer. Earlier this week, I tried installing Pocket Sudoku for Windows on my Windows 7 PC and had to run it as administrator for it to run smoothly. That shouldn't be necessary and that's why I today released Pocket Sudoku for Windows 1.0.1 where the only new feature is support for Windows 7 and Windows Vista. Go get it while hot.

Next version: 1.1, Codename "Samurai"

Next version (1.1) of Pocket Sudoku goes under the code name "Samurai". This because of the new feature making it possible to generate and solve Samurai Sudoku games.

Stay tuned!

Pocket Sudoku 1.0

Pocket Sudoku 1.0 has been released with a whole bunch of new features compared to the earlier versions. Go and get it now at the download page!

Getting ready

Over the last month, Pocket Sudoku 1.0 has been getting ready for the masses. Bugs have been squashed and features have been added. Language support has been reimplemented as well.

What remains now is some fine polishing and testing...

Replacing highscore with statistics

The old highscore system lacked some important filtering options, so I've replaced it with a database-like statistics system.

(Yes, I cheated while solving those games)

Back where we belong

I have now started moving back Pocket Sudoku to the platform where we actually belong - the Pocket PC. There are still many things to do, but new features implemented in the Windows version seem to work nicely here as well.

Would you miss language support if it was removed?

46% (29 votes)
54% (34 votes)
Total votes: 63


Yet another candidate reduction technique has now been implemented in Pocket Sudoku: the XY-Wing. If you are not already familiar with it, read about it here, here and here (and on numerous other sites on the web).

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