Would you miss language support if it was removed?

46% (29 votes)
54% (34 votes)
Total votes: 63

Did it myself

I downloaded the source and VS2008 90 day trial and removed the language myself.

I also implemented about 20 other changes.

The game now generates AND sets difficulty MUCH faster but it can still be a couple of minutes on a 624Mhz HP PDA.


That's nice to hear. Would you like to share the improved code?

not me

I am fine, you can remove.
Annette Obrestad

I sure will .  

I sure will .  

Language support in 1.0

Language support is included in version 1.0.




i think no.

Language problem

I installed Pocket Sudoku on my HTC Diamond WM6.1 device.
Setup cannot find the language. Then it tried to revert to English but then resonss with: Language not compatible with 0.9, switching to English(which is what I want anyway. Then I get the message: couldn't find the language file and your website address.
Can you please help?
Thank you.

italian language

very nice commento

commento molto buono..

Language Spain

Language Spain

more langage french so

more langage french so