Download the language you want to install, for your version

See the Translations tracker for language files not included in the release.

Copy the file to your device

  • 1. Locate the downloaded file on your harddrive.
  • 2. Plug your device in its cradle and wait until ActiveSync connects.
  • 3. Go to My Computer and scroll down until you find something like Mobile Device.
  • 4. Inside it, you should locate the directory where Pocket Sudoku is installed. If you haven't changed anything, it will reside in \Program Files\Pocket Sudoku.
  • 5. In this directory, you will se another directory called Languages, open it.
  • 6. If you haven't installed any languages earlier, this directory should contain English.xml and Swedish.xml
  • 7. Now, all you have to do is to drag and drop the file you downloaded to your pc into this folder.

Changing the language

  • 1. Start Pocket Sudoku via the Start Menu.
  • 2. Open the preferences dialog via File->Preferences.
  • 3. Choose your language by using the combobox.
  • 4. Press ok in the top right corner.

You can browse and add translations in the Translations tracker.