Patching Gnome Games

Submitted by Emil on Sun, 07/06/2008 - 08:45

Last week, I made some patches for Gnomine, Gnibbles, Gnometris and Gnobots2 in Gnome Games. All affecting how user input is handled.

I found it quite hard to play gnomine on my laptop, because right clicking with the touchpad was troublesome. Instead, I added the ability to hold down the Ctrl-key when left clicking and it would be treated as a right click. This improved the gameplay (at least for me) with 100%.

The next patch was for the (very) annoying caps lock-bug found in Gnibbles, Gnometris and Gnobots2. Especially when playing Gnibbles with the w,s,a & d-keys to control the worm's movement, accidentally pressing caps lock made it impossible to steer and you would lose both points and lives. With the patch, the games don't care if caps lock is enabled or not and you won't lose any points or lives!

I have submitted the patches to the maintainers and they have now been committed to the development code repository and will most probably find their way to the next release.