Everything in Microsoft Windows is a window. A button is a window, and a "window" is a window as well. Wouldn't it be nice with a program that allowed you to easily manipulate those windows to fit your needs? You've found it!

HideThatWindow! is a program for Windows XP and Windows 2000 that allows you to:

  • Hide and show windows
  • Minimize, maximize and restore windows
  • Send windows to the system tray area
  • Change the size of a window
  • Delete windows from the Windows taskbar
  • Make windows top-most
  • Make windows transparent
  • Change the text of windows
  • Dock windows to any edge of your screen

Since everything (buttons, text edits, ...) in MS Windows is a window, the term window above refers to all these controls, including but not limited to standard windows.

All functions are accessible from an easy to use interface and from a menu integrated into all windows, as seen in the pictures above.