Facebook Exported Upcoming Whole Day Events Wrong

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Update (2012-08-02): Visit http://icalfilter.com/fbfix.php and paste the url to get the url for the corrected calendar.

When exporting your Facebook Events feed to webcal/ical/ics, the whole day (no given time) events are one day early. Until Facebook decides to fix this, I have created a proxy script. Just supply it with the same uid and key as in Facebook's version and it will correct these errornous events.


It works like a charm for me, but let me know if you are having trouble using it. Also check out http://icalfilter.com and see if it might be something for you as well.


This used to work like a charm, but recently it stopped showing the all-day events all together.

Found a possible source of

Found a possible source of the bug and learned some more details about the ical format. Should be working now, but please keep me informed if it is not.

Icalfilter.com seems to keep

Icalfilter.com seems to keep returning error 500 for my calendar.

Found a bug in my calendar

Found a bug in my calendar parser. Thanks for keeping me informed. Please try again, it should be working now.


Is it possible to get the source code for this? I guess this currently sends my calendar to a server on the internet so it would be nice to have the option of hosting it myself.

I understand your concerns

I understand your concerns and will consider it and in that case under what form of licensing, etc. In the meantime, I can promise you that I do not do anything malicious with your content. The content is not cached on my server but only available in-memory during the correction phase when you access the script. I do not log the URLs you access, so I can't have a look at them myself later. I do some statistics about the number of users and events corrected but everything is one-way encrypted so I can't track you by using it.

It IS a concern, i do

It IS a concern, i do appreciate your efforts.
But you can say all you like about not using it but thats no guarantee. Accessing the data through you as a man in the middle, providing you my UID and KEY seems naive. It's the only thing keeping me from using it, please consider sharing the source :)