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Good news: Slocify no longer needed!

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As of version 0.4.3, Spotify includes the ability to add your own mp3 files to the music library. This is really good news - you no longer need Slocify to mix Spotify tracks and local tracks in the same playlist! However, I will keep Slocify on this page in case you want to use it anyway.

Slocify for Winamp version 0.3 released

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Slocify for Winamp version 0.3

Today, I released the third version of Slocify for Winamp. And we are without doubt heading for a more stable and easier to use experience. New in this version:

  • The ability to seek while paused.
  • Changing volume in Winamp changes the volume in Spotify.
  • The output time is now accurate and doesn't get out of sync.
  • You can now drag and drop albums as well as tracks from Spotify to Winamp. Playlists and artists are still not supported.
  • Various other bug fixes...

You can get it from the Slocify page. I hope you like it!

Slocify for Winamp version 0.2 released

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Slocify for Winamp version 0.2

A new version of Slocify for Winamp is now available. It now supports dragging and dropping multiple Spotify tracks at the same time.

Go get it over at the Slocify page.

Slocify for Winamp 0.1 released

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Slocify for Winamp, pre-alpha screenshot

Today, I released Slocify for Winamp version 0.1. Get it and read more over at the Slocify page.

Slocify makes playing Spotify tracks from other media players a breeze. It features a simple drag & drop interface where you simply drag tracks from Spotify to your playlist to add them. Slocify does not interfere with Spotify advertisements and works with both Spotify Premium and Spotify Free.

Rethinking Slocify

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I have decided to change the focus of Slocify from being a standalone media player to being a plugin for other media players that allows them to interact with Spotify.

The main reason for this change is that I have realised that a media player is quite a complex application and that I do not have the time to maintain that. Also, I believe you will be happier using your standard media player than having to learn yet another one.

First out will be a plugin for Winamp.

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