Removing yourself from a Facebook event

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It recently got harder to remove yourself entirely from a Facebook event (not just declining/joining the not going-party. There used to be a link "remove from my events" or something similar on the event page but it seems to have disappeared. Instead, you have to

  1. decline the event
  2. click on one of the going/maybe/invited labels in the left menu
  3. select declined from the list
  4. find yourself and press the cross to remove yourself from the event

I posted this here because I couldn't find a good guide on the web but managed to find out how to do it anyway. Hopefully, it will help some of you people out there.


Google Spreadsheets Revision History Enhanced v 1.1

Google Spreadsheets Revision History v1.1

I've just released a new version of Google Spreadsheets Revision History Enhanced. The new features are:

  • Support for Google Chrome with TamperMonkey
  • Common horizontal scrolling for current and last version, making it an almost complete diff viewer for Google Spreadsheets

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Doing some advertisement for a service I recently released:

Today, when you want to subscribe to a calendar, you basically have two options:

  • Add the calendar's url to the list of external calendars in your calendar viewer. You will receive updates, but won't be able to delete events you are not interested in.
  • Take a copy of the calendar and import it in your calendar viewer. You will be able to delete events you are not interested in, but you won't receive any updates. lets you create filters for your imported ical calendar files, which you want to have updates from but hide events you are not interested in. Good example uses are schedules, facebook events, etc.

Google Spreadsheets Revision History Enhanced released

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0. Sheet tabs

Google Docs & Spreadsheets is a great service for collaboration. With the quite recent introduction of Revision History in spreadsheets, it became even better. However, there is one thing that really annoys me - when working on a spreadsheet with several sheets and you want to see what your collaborators have changed, you can't see which sheets were edited but have to manually step through each sheet and look for edits. It takes time, a lot of time...

Spam cleanup in Countdown City

Bots producing spam is a huge problem these days, and reCAPTCHA is a great solution to this problem. Today, I cleaned up all spam content from Countdown City and added reCAPTCHA to it to prevent future spammers. There were a total of 19701 spam countdowns in the database...

Good news, create dot-file not needed

Just after having written Create dot-file, I found this over at serverfault. It turns out you can create dot-files (and folders) by simply adding an extra dot at the end when you rename it. For example ".htaccess." will result in the file .htaccess being created and the "You must type a file name"-dialog is never shown. So my utility isn't needed anymore! I'll leave it around if you want to get it anyway.

Create dot-file released

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2. Create dot-file context menu item

Some days ago, I got furious about the inability to create dot-files (.htaccess, .gitignore, etc.) directly in Windows Explorer. So I decided to code a utility that would allow you to do so. Said and done, Create dot-file has been created!

Good news: Slocify no longer needed!

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As of version 0.4.3, Spotify includes the ability to add your own mp3 files to the music library. This is really good news - you no longer need Slocify to mix Spotify tracks and local tracks in the same playlist! However, I will keep Slocify on this page in case you want to use it anyway.

Slocify for Winamp version 0.3 released

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Slocify for Winamp version 0.3

Today, I released the third version of Slocify for Winamp. And we are without doubt heading for a more stable and easier to use experience. New in this version:

  • The ability to seek while paused.
  • Changing volume in Winamp changes the volume in Spotify.
  • The output time is now accurate and doesn't get out of sync.
  • You can now drag and drop albums as well as tracks from Spotify to Winamp. Playlists and artists are still not supported.
  • Various other bug fixes...

You can get it from the Slocify page. I hope you like it!

Slocify for Winamp version 0.2 released

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Slocify for Winamp version 0.2

A new version of Slocify for Winamp is now available. It now supports dragging and dropping multiple Spotify tracks at the same time.

Go get it over at the Slocify page.

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