Pocket Sudoku Algorithm Day

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As you can read in this post, today has been a great day in Pocket Sudoku's history: Algorithm Day

mod_rewrite is awesome!

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mod_rewrite is an amazing module for Apache! First time I came in contact with it was when installing Drupal once a long time ago. Back then, I thought it was extremely awesome and guessed it was really hard to implement myself. Yesterday, I started using it and found that it was in fact quite easy.

Upcoming: KlargodutUpload

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As the geekiest soldier in the Central Band of the Royal Swedish Army Band 2008, I am responsible for the band's unofficial website:

One thing I and others with me have found problematic is uploading images to the site. Formerly, I used standard html file upload controls to send the files one by one. But as it used to crash when sending large files and the process of uploading many files became quite a pain, I decided to code a client-server java + php & mysql solution.

Patching Gnome Games

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Last week, I made some patches for Gnomine, Gnibbles, Gnometris and Gnobots2 in Gnome Games. All affecting how user input is handled.

Drupal 6 Multisite

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Yesterday, I decided to upgrade from Drupal 5 to 6. After reading some documents, the process was really easy to perform. The upgrade documents are available here and are easy to follow:

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