Rethinking Slocify

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I have decided to change the focus of Slocify from being a standalone media player to being a plugin for other media players that allows them to interact with Spotify.

The main reason for this change is that I have realised that a media player is quite a complex application and that I do not have the time to maintain that. Also, I believe you will be happier using your standard media player than having to learn yet another one.

First out will be a plugin for Winamp.

Mixing Spotify tracks and local tracks in the same playlist

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Update: I went with my code name and released Slocify.


I am working on a project that will allow you to mix Spotify tracks and local tracks (mp3 and other audio files you have on your hard drives) in the same playlist. It is coming along really nicely and will soon be released to the public, but I am having trouble coming up with a good name for it. Any ideas?


User script to turn off your browser's autocompletion on

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This is mostly valuable to us Swedes who live in Gothenburg and around, but I'll take it in English anyway.

At, Västtrafik has a great autocompletion mechanism that uses AJAX to find the stops you are interested in while planning to travel. However, they haven't included the attribute to turn off your browser's own autocompletion mechanism.

Luckily, I found a userscript that fixes this. All I've edited is the URL matching filter, so all credits to David Dahl.

Get it here:
Disable autocompletion on

Firefox on Wine on Ubuntu faster than Firefox on Ubuntu

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Last update: 2009-03-07 22:38

After reading this entry: Browser benchmarks 2: even Wine beats Linux Firefox, I decided to test it for myself. These were my results:

  • Google's V8 Benchmark Suite gives Firefox on Ubuntu 98.3 points, while Firefox on Wine gets 114 points.
  • Adobe Flash in Firefox on Wine seems to work well except from displaying full screen video, when it just hangs.
  • Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab doesn't work, use Ctrl+PgDn and Ctrl+PgUp instead.
  • Ubiquity, the command line interface for Firefox works, but looks like crap.
  • Scrolling on pages with fixed backgrounds (like Twitter) was slow. I created a user script for greasemonkey to deal with it by making the background scrolling.

All in all, Firefox on Wine on Ubuntu feels more snappy than Firefox on Ubuntu. I'm going to stick with it for a while and post any glitches I find here.

These tests were done with Firefox 3.0.7 on Wine 1.0.1 on Ubuntu 8.10 and Firefox 3.0.7 on Ubuntu 8.10, respectively.

I tried the latest Wine from here, but found that version 1.0.1 from the Ubuntu repositories worked better for me.

Binary clock 2.0 - Modded!

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Binary clock 2.0 - Modded!

I have done some extensive modding of my binary clock for a more appealing look! Check in this image gallery!

My Ubuntu Desktop

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Last update: 2009-03-07 22:42

This is an active list containing what extra applications and custom settings I have installed on my Ubuntu (8.10) machine in case of a computer crash and in case you are interested. Tips and comments are welcome!

The Firefox extensions I use

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This is an active list where I am listing the Firefox extensions (and Greasemonkey scripts) I am currently using, in case my computer would crash on me and I would have to find them all again. And in case you are interested, of course!

Binary clock, version 2.0

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Binary clock, version 2.0

Using only nine pins for output compared to the twenty pins used in version 1.0, my binary clock 2.0 is far more advanced both were it comes to the wiring and the coding.

It could have been done using Charlieplexing and only five pins, but that would have made the code much more complicated.

I'm currently considering getting rid of the three time setting indicators at the bottom and blinking the selected column instead. This will probably be the case in version 3.0, which is to be built as a watch.

Binary clock, version 1.0

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Binary clock, version 1.0

The first version of my binary clock, where each LED has a corresponding pin on the PIC. The yellow cords to the left should connect to three buttons.

The PIC is a PIC16F887, which is a slight overkill for a project that uses 20 output and 3 input pins, but I wanted to be sure that my first project would work.

The next version will be built on a PIC16F630, which is about a sixth of the 887's size.

Compacting Firefox

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Just found this nice Firefox add-on that made it possible to better use the screen resolution my laptop has: Compact Menu 2. Install it, restart Firefox, right click the toolbar and drag the compact menu button out, drag the activity indicator down from the menu bar and finally, right click the menu bar and remove the tick next to "Menubar". Voila!

Update: Also try the Classic Compact theme to save even more space.

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